The Twilight Princess and the Shadow Bard

The Twilight Princess and the Shadow Bard

“Sing to me,” the Twilight Princess entreats,
and the Shadow Bard begins with a smile.
At the sound of his voice, sadness retreats,
for his scintillant words her heart beguile.

Her voice joins his in the still forest air,
a music of evening by starlight kissed,
when sung together growing still more fair,
an enchanting melody in the mist.

With dawn their duet reluctantly ends;
children holding hands awaken and rise.
Daylight to the legend no semblance lends;
an ordinary world greets their doleful eyes.

But Neverland the fair duet redeems,
and its twilight music returns in dreams.

©2017 Bill Hazelrig

This sonnet is a revised version of a poem which I tweeted on 8/21/2017 in response to 5 poetry prompts (#DimpleVerse #lionsighs #AugustFalls #BeautizmLove & #TLPoetry).  My original tweet ended at 3 stanzas, with the final line of the third stanza serving the function which is now served by this sonnet’s final couplet: to redeem the joy and hope of the children’s dream (“but a joyous dream still touches their eyes.”).