Poetry in Gray: Wounds and Struggles

A Boy’s First Parting  ©2017 Bill Hazelrig (written long ago)

Aching Verses

A balm for your runaway heart,
this trail of aching poetry –
pulling words from a bleeding soul
in verses bright with unshed tears.

©2017 Bill Hazelrig

Gray Memory

Vibrant colors of
a dreamscape painted over
with gray memory.

©2017 Bill Hazelrig

Heart’s Riddle  ©2017 Bill Hazelrig

I Can Remember

My eyes full of regret, I drift unmoored
on a foggy lake of fragile feelings,
transcribing old letters from last to first.

Finally past hurts for which I’m ashamed,
guilt’s haze lifts, and now I can remember
the time when your heart found shelter in mine.

©2017 Bill Hazelrig

More Than Nothing

No matter how hard
we run away from ourselves,
our hearts will find us.

©2017 Bill Hazelrig


I’ll not surrender again to despair
while I remember the gift of your love.
I will live each moment with joy and care,
for simple existence isn’t enough.

©2017 Bill Hazelrig

Questions of the Heart

For your love’s sake could you walk away?
Of who holds your heart, forsake the sight?
And if to despair your love gave way,
Wouldn’t you doubt you had chosen right?

©2017 Bill Hazelrig

Surrendering Walls

Two wounded souls learning to trust each other,
growing intimacy of thought and feeling:
surrendering walls is where heaven begins.

©2017 Bill Hazelrig

Time’s Purr

Time drapes over my shoulder,
weighted like a heavy cat
with too many years unlived.
But its soft purr invites me
to learn how to dream again.

©2017 Bill Hazelrig

Turn Aside ©2017 Bill Hazelrig

When I Dream of You

For what you had found so hard to speak
until you were forced to let me go.
For what you needed I could not give.
For the many years I didn’t know
that you once had wanted not to live.
For how I failed you when I was weak.

For all these things my heart breaks anew
and tears still flow when I dream of you.

©2017 Bill Hazelrig