First Love

When I am troubled, seeing you is like seeing a ray of sunshine on
a grey and chilly winter day; your presence brightens my world.
When you smile at me you warm my heart; if I could live forever,
I would be content to spend each moment looking into your eyes.

When you are unhappy, I find that your least distress is of more
account to me than any disaster I ever might endure.  It wounds
my soul when I see you sad; I want to hold you and comfort you
until your pain is released and you are ready to laugh again.

Thinking of you makes me smile.  Sometimes, when I am
missing you and I whisper your name, time will conspire
to astonish me with the tale that we parted but minutes ago;
to me, those minutes seem like compounded eternities.

Since I met you, I have felt enchanted.  When you
are with me, my eyes cannot long rest away from you,
but they yearn to behold your lovely aspect;
when we part, images of you linger in my mind.

When I sleep, always and again I find you in my dreams.
Once, I dreamed of meeting you again for the first time;
in my dream, I found the courage to reach out my hand as
I have often longed to do, and tenderly touch your cheek.

I have been too shy to speak, too frightened that I might lose
your dear friendship, too wary of seeming awkward in your eyes.
I am afraid to express all that is in my heart, yet I must tell you this,
for I cannot leave unsaid how I truly feel about you: I love you.

©2017 Bill Hazelrig (written long ago)