To a Dear Friend

To my first love and very dear friend, with gratitude and affection for the love you showed me long ago and with deep regret for the years lost to those dark lenses.  It is such a joy to renew our friendship.</em>

I am so proud that you chose to live, and so glad that you learned to dream again.

Be happy, and believe in yourself.  I always have, and always will.

A Sunrise of Your Presence (2017)

Dawn in heart’s midnight:
the sunrise of your presence
in my life again.

Connection (2017)

No words can express
how sacred each moment feels
when you’re in my heart.

Your Heart’s Song (2017)

When your mind gives shape
to your heart’s song, it can lift
our souls to the stars.

Your Laugh (2017)

Your laugh, like sunshine
on a chilly winter’s day:
precious warmth to me.

Blush (2017)

Reverent fingers
brush her cheeks, and a blush gives
them a rosy glow.

A Simple Act (2017)

Love’s not always dramatic;
it can be a simple act:
a blanket tucked around you,
forgotten laundry folded,
quietly walking away…
Courageously coming back.

I Can Remember (2017)

My eyes full of regret, drifting unmoored
on a foggy lake of fragile feelings,
transcribing old letters from last to first.

Finally past hurts which used to shame me,
guilt’s haze lifted.  Now, I can remember
the time when your heart found shelter in mine.

Memory Lane (2017)

Edwardo’s pizza.
The view from wind-blown rooftops.
Seeing your sweet smile.

Forgotten yesterdays found
strolling down memory lane.–>

Recalled In a Pair of Starlit Eyes (2017)

Questions debated deep in the night,
Talking till sunrise twice in a row.
Climbing together to touch the skies.
Poetry written joyous and bright.
Walking with you in the falling snow.
Recalled in a pair of starlit eyes.

Angel’s Sight (2017)

That frozen heart began to thaw
when memory returned one night,
of eyes which in him goodness saw:
a priceless gift of angel’s sight.

Promise (2017)

I’ll not surrender again to despair
while I remember the gift of your love.
I will live each moment with joy and care,
for simple existence isn’t enough.

Transmuted (2017)

A piece of my heart
is yours to the end.
No longer my world,
you still are my friend.

Midnight Connection (2017)

Connection revived,
Midnight’s broken truths made whole.
From our darkness, light!

Trust (2017)

Your subconscious trust
is the most wonderful gift
I’ve ever received.

First Love
(long ago)

Broken Truths, Since Made Whole

These poems express a mistaken understanding and the sentiments arising from it:
the work of depression’s dark lenses, now dispelled by my dear friend.
Thank you so much for the gift of your angel’s sight!

Dear Friend Lost, Fare Well (2017)

Grateful you’re alive.
Deep regret for friendship marred.
Dear friend lost, fare well.

May your sky be rich with stars
and your heart be rich with love.

Last Parting (2017, for feelings from long ago)

You felt bound by care,
reluctant to speak what you
could not say with love:

You needed to be set free.
That meant everything to me.

Profound Shame (2017)

Long ago, failing someone terribly.
Remembered always with profound shame.

Questions of the Heart (2017)

For your love’s sake could you walk away?
Of who holds your heart, forsake the sight?
And if to despair your love gave way,
Wouldn’t you doubt you had chosen right?

Regret Only For You (2017)

Just know:

For loving you
I’ve no regret for me.

I only rue I set you back.

All works on this page are ©2017 by Bill Hazelrig