Ged’s Duel With Jasper

Ged’s Duel With Jasper

The young wizard with his rival strove,
spinning feats of power and sorcery
until he at last in darkness wove
a spell to shatter death’s boundary.

Elfarran’s shade was softly weeping,
for the price of his great vanity
came from her spectral image creeping:
a nameless, formless unsanity.

©2017 Bill Hazelrig

Inspired by Ursula K. LeGuin’s tale, “A Wizard of Earthsea” and by 2 lovely poetry prompts.

Also inspired by a more general writing prompt, #ThursTale.

Author: Bill Hazelrig

Recovering workaholic, IT geek, once and present poet. Words are very important to me. I try always to wield them with sincerity and in the service of light.

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