“I will be your Remedy” (facetious)

This is a thoroughly facetious little micro-poem.  When @MadQueenStorm recently posted a lovely #MadVerse prompt “I will be your remedy”, I – being a tech geek and moreover, one who was cursed to actually use Remedy up until 2013 – immediately thought of this awful pun.  I tried valiantly, but in the end, I just could not resist it…

I will be your Remedy

I will be your Remedy.
Bloated, slow – a mockery
of what software ought to be.

©2017 Bill Hazelrig

Author: Bill Hazelrig

Recovering workaholic, IT geek, once and present poet. Words are very important to me. I try always to wield them with sincerity and in the service of light.

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