There and Back Again

There and Back Again

I’ve traveled there and back again,
and know it’s not a pretty sight:
depression shadows all you’ve been,
pours out your hope and damps your light.

Until you shed those lenses bleak
your world is painted ashen gray;
you see yourself as dull and weak
and cannot seem to find your way.

Those dark lenses are not your eyes.
Take them off and the world is new:
no longer painted gray with lies,
you’ll find it shines in every hue.

If yet your thoughts cannot agree,
then close your eyes – use mine to see.
Together face your doubts with me
and find how bright your soul can be.

©2017 Bill Hazelrig

Author: Bill Hazelrig

Recovering workaholic, IT geek, once and present poet. Words are very important to me. I try always to wield them with sincerity and in the service of light.

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