Short Poems for a Fellow Poet

These short poems were written for a friend who goes by Sable Swan, with thanks for her lovely poetry and prompts, and in the hope that she will reconnect with her own beautiful soul.  You are so much more than nothing.

She loves with her whole heart, keeping nothing for herself.

The ambit of your soul is wider than two arms.

In reply to this poem

Tears will come to wash away that sand.
Friends will open their hearts
to offer you shelter and hope,
and your own will bloom again.

Aching Verses

A balm for your runaway heart,
this trail of aching poetry –
pulling words from a bleeding soul
in verses bright with unshed tears.

All works on this page are ©2017 by Bill Hazelrig

This can now be found on my Poetry Addressed page.

Author: Bill Hazelrig

Recovering workaholic, IT geek, once and present poet. Words are very important to me. I try always to wield them with sincerity and in the service of light.

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