My Poems by Category

Poetry Addressed: Messages From My Heart

To My Muse Many short poems and one longer poem, all to Amy

My first love poem (written to Amy in 1989)


Tribute to a Departing Liege

Short Poems for Another Fellow Poet

Poetry in the Light: What’s Bright and Beautiful to Me

Longer Poems in the Light

Haiku, Tanka and Short Poems in the Light:

Poetry in Gray: Wounds and Struggles

  • A Boy’s First Parting
  • Aching Verses
  • Gray Memory
  • Heart’s Riddle
  • More Than Nothing
  • Promise
  • Questions of the Heart
  • Surrendering Walls
  • Time’s Purr
  • Turn Aside
  • When I Dream of You

Poetry in Darkness: The Voice of Despair

  • Monument
  • Scars
  • Lost Memories

Poetry In Mind: Poems for Fun and Wit

  • Sincere But Ironic Advice On Poetry
  • In B-J Courts
  • Fathomless and Free, the Tempests Run
  • Memories
  • Spiders

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